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Blog – Page 2 – Put People First! PA

We’re looking to hire a new coordinator for Southeast PA. See below for the job description and how to apply. If you have any questions, you can email putpeoplefirstpa@gmail.com.

Put People First! PA Half-Time Field Coordinator

Position Overview

Put People First! PA (PPF-PA) is a growing statewide organization that builds the power of everyday people to unite and take action together to change what’s politically possible in Pennsylvania. At the heart of our work are local organizing committees that engage and develop leaders, and drive our campaign and our broader organizing effort forward. The field coordinator we are looking for is someone who is passionate about making a difference in the current healthcare crisis by building an engaged and energized base of people who believe that another healthcare system is possible and are taking action to make it happen.

The PPF-PA Field Organizer will build our membership base by identifying and developing leaders, leading members in a range of concrete activities, building organizing committees, and bringing leadership and innovation to our campaign strategy.


  • Low ego/high impact – team builder
  • Good verbal and written communication
  • Innovative, problem solver and resilient
  • Ability and willingness to use technology to communicate across distance, fluency in social media and data management
  • Proven ability to manage time and set priorities while working independently
  • Commitment to our mission and values
  • Organized, reliable, persistent, consistent, and highly accountable
  • Commitment to developing the leadership of poor and working class people of all backgrounds

Job Outcomes

  • Development and maintenance of 1-2 local organizing committees in your turf
  • Development and maintenance of other regular general member meetings as they develop in your turf

Job Requirements

  • Collaborative base building with a team – including goal setting and planning, door-knocking, tabling and other outreach
  • Active participation in PPF’s base-building team, Coordinating Council, Campaign Advisory Board and another statewide team
  • Creation and maintenance of consistent work plan
  • Organize and bottom-line specific base building and power building tactics that are part of the Health care is a Human Right Campaign
  • Ongoing one on one’s with new and existing members and staff of other organizations
  • Data entry
  • Participation in grassroots fundraising
  • Help create structures to facilitate the full and active participation of members in PPF-PA campaigns and teams
  • Identify training and support needs and act as a bridge for communication and feedback between local organizing leaders and the rest of PPF-PA.
  • Ability to work weekends and some evenings

Other Skills/Abilities:

  • Bilingual English/Spanish a plus
  • Community or labor organizing experience a plus


  • Live in Southeast PA
  • Personal vehicle and valid driver’s license


Approximately 20 – 25 hours per week. Living and travel stipend at the rate of 18k/year provided. Mileage reimbursement at the rate of $.5 per mile. Five weeks of paid off time (holiday and sick time) per year plus major holidays unless otherwise noted.

How to apply

The application is open until December 31st. To apply, please fill out the form below. After that, send us your resume and contact information for 2-3 references at putpeoplefirstpa@gmail.com.

feature image via SNaHP and Amanda Malik

Check out Put People First campaign team member and medical student Karim Sariahmed speaking with other medical students, PPF members and local activists at Students for a National Healthcare Program’s #TrickNotTreat action! Demonstrators gathered at Philadelphia’s City Hall and marched to Independence Blue Cross Headquarters.

“The question of class and worker status is a deeper one than we can deal with in a single article or action, but it’s one that physicians in particular need to grapple with if they value social justice.” – Karim Sariahmed

Read more reflection from Karim at the SNaHP blog.


Two visions were on the table in this election:

One, an America that uses words like “freedom” and “liberty,” but takes us back to a time before social movements won civil rights for women, black people, LGBTQ people, disabled people and others.

The second, an America where anyone can get ahead no matter your skin color, gender or sexual orientation, just as long as you work and try hard enough.

But neither of these visions fits the reality that we, as everyday people, know: People are struggling with poverty and economic decline, from every racial and ethnic background, every gender, every ability and every religion, from rural and urban areas. These struggles come from forces and systems we cannot individually control: the changing global economy, lack of family sustaining jobs, environmental devastation, immigration, discrimination, police and military violence, incarceration, and corporate greed, among others.

The two visions are false choices. But Put People First is creating new choices. Put People First believes that Pennsylvania can have a future in which poor and working-class people come together across all lines of division. If we unite, share our stories, and commit to our struggles and each other, we can take powerful action to change things. We, the everyday people of Pennsylvania, can shift what is politically possible.

Our formula is simple. We unite around our basic needs and see them as human rights. We bring together people who’ve never been brought together before. We wrestle with our assumptions. We build community. We love each other.

We are the ones that we’ve been waiting for. When we’re united, nothing can stop us. Join today.

On November 3, dozens of Philadelphians demonstrated outside the corporate headquarters of Independence Blue Cross at the height of rush hour traffic in Center City to speak out against rising Affordable Care Act premium rates that are impacting residents across Pennsylvania. Members of grassroots organization Put People First! PA were joined by union allies from the SEIU Home Care Workers Union and Pennsylvania Federation BMW-ED. “Healthcare costs – they’re affecting everyone. This is what our brothers and sisters at [SEPTA Union] TWU Local 234 are fighting for,” said Robert Fields, of Southwest Philadelphia.


Looming above the crowd was a 12-foot puppet of Independence Blue Cross CEO Daniel Hilferty, who makes $4 million dollars a year. With this as the backdrop, members and friends of Put People First spoke to the impact that rising premium was having on their ability to pay for basic necessities.

“After 8 months of pressure by Put People First, the State Insurance Department held its first ever public hearing on rising premium costs [on ACA plans] in Harrisburg this July.” said Karim Sariahmed, a medical student at Temple University. “But despite a petition with over 500 signatures and testimony from dozens of PA residents, the Department gave Blue Cross an even bigger rate increase than they asked for! It’s clear to us that the PA Insurance Department is on the side of the big insurance companies, and not regular people who are struggling to afford care.”

Communities all across Pennsylvania are faced with an average increase of 32.5% for ACA individual plans. IBX asked for permission to increase their rates by 19.87%, and instead were approved for 27.97%, 40% more than they asked for. In a recent survey conducted by Put People First! PA, which included Pennsylvania residents from over 40 counties, more than 1 in 3 said that in the last 12 months healthcare costs forced them to skip paying for basics like electricity and groceries.