This May, we collected 500 signatures from 26 counties, requesting a public hearing before any new rate increases on Affordable Care Act plans are approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. For 2017, insurance companies have requested rate increases of up to 48% on some plans. Thank you for signing the petition and participating in the call-in day to the Insurance department.

You can look for your plan and check out what kinds of increases insurance companies are asking for here. Comments to the Insurance Department can be made by e-mailing But we’re not satisfied with just an e-mail address to express our concerns with rising premiums, deductibles, and co-pays.Many of you have courageously stepped forward with stories of how premium increases will impact you and your family.

“As someone who relies on Obamacare, it is extremely important to me that we take the time to hear how premium increases affect people‘s lives not just bottom lines.”
                                                                                    -Rabiya, Spring Garden Township

The Insurance Department is dragging their feet on a public hearing. They meet behind closed doors with insurance companies, but they won’t let regular Pennsylvanians speak on the record about the impact of higher healthcare prices.

Yes, it’s an election year. And yes, it’s budget season. But honestly, our health is not a political football. We need transparency and accountability. So PPF is taking our campaign forward, starting with a rapid-response Twitter blast at@PAInsuranceDept to demand #PIDRateHearings, and to show that we are going to stand up for the right of every person to have a say in their own health and healthcare.

Tweet @PAInsuranceDept with the amount your healthcare premium went up this year, or to call for public hearings!

Sample Tweet: “My premium went up $_ this year! We need public hearings! #PIDratehearing @PAInsuranceDept”

Share our photo calling for hearings on Facebook (included above) and Twitter (included below)!

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